Show Pride In Our City and Give to a Great Cause.

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There are times where it may feel like we may have to take up the “Us vs Them” attitude. This is usually the case when your city or your team feels slighted. As is the case with Detroit vs Everybody or Toronto vs Everybody.
But there are times when inclusion is a better look and we can all be let back in to the group. It seems as if we are more divided than ever before. Orlando has never been an “Us vs Them” city. We pride ourselves on inclusion and our welcoming spirit. Name a festival or event and Orlando has hosted it. We designed the Orlando Is Everybody shirt as a representation of our inclusive city. Orlando is a melting pot of people, ideas and cultures from all parts of the world. Orlando isn’t just one person. Orlando Is Everybody.

We are committed to helping families and children realize their full potential and achieve their goals by trying to achieve our goal of no child going to bed hungry. We also understand that attending school is the only opportunity that most kids get to have a decent meal.  Through our partnership with Christian HELP, we will make sure kids and families are fed during the summer months and throughout the school year.


With the purchase of any of our Orlando Is Everybody garments, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Christian HELP which helps to provide a full day of healthy snacks and meals to hungry children and families in Orlando.

We thank you for your continued love and support.